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PEMBA’s success is based on how well we do our job.   In construction, rarely do things work perfectly and many times persistence and extra research are necessary.   While we would like things to be perfect, customer satisfaction is our concern and we try to anticipate and will invest the time needed. 

 We delight in your feedback and we want our customers to let us know how we can help and make improvements.   We are a member of the local BBB and carry an A+ rating.

If we have helped you with a lighting design, home automation project or provided you with light fixtures or other materials, please help us with our continuous improvement.  Give us your feedback.    Below is a sample of written correspondence we have received. 



This feedback is from a customer who wanted to renovate her husband’s office and add light.  She came to see us after meeting at a few other stores.  The customer needed a little more help than just selling her light fixtures.  We used Cree 3500 Kelvin LED lights for the office.   The project had many of the challenges of a renovation,  we managed the project with our customer Paris Electric doing the install.  


Hi Patricia,

I tried to reach you this late Friday afternoon to tell you how absolutely thrilled we are with the result of the illumination of Ray's office.  What an incredible difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The light is clear without any yellow, it is "cool", and of the intensity that completely brightens the room without harsh shadows. Paris even told the King of Rheostat (my husband Ray) that these LED's could be dimmed, and offered to bring a dimmer Monday with the bathroom fixture.

His crew of helpers (I called them the 5th army) were all nice, and it was obvious that the extra help expedited the necessary mechanics. What a distinct pleasure to have them in our home.




The following feedback is regarding a lighting design class provided by PEMBA.



        Thank you so much for the wonderful evening you prepared for our ASID members.  Your presentation was fabulous and we really appreciate all the “take away” materials to supplement the wealth of information.


Again Many Thanks!

Michelle Verdigets

N.O. ASID Chair

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The following feedback is on a trim out of a residence where items had gotten changed and moved.



     I just wanted to let you know that whenever we encountered problems you

handled them in the most timely and most professional manner. I want to

thank you for being so persistent in following up on the problematic areas.




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Below is a response to an inquiry we made to Gretchen, an interior designer.  We had received a voicemail from a new home-owner, asking why their new lights might be tripping a breaker.  We were only able to leave a message of a few things to check and never heard back from the customer.  PEMBA had specified and sold the light fixture through the designer.  We decided to contact the designer to make sure everything was okay.  Below is the response from the customer to the designer which was forwarded on to us.


Dear Gretchen,


The lighting problem is solved and the dining lighting is great.  Tell her thanks for her refreshing and unusual, to have someone inquire!


We just love this house; you and I did such a good job.  Thanks so much!



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The following feedback is from a customer who stated our service was extraordinary and took time to use us as an example for a service quality survey course. 


I had to maintain a service journal for one of my classes.  I wrote an entry

for PEMBA based on the lightning experience we had during the summer.  I thought you would like to see what I turned in. I thought the level of service was so extraordinary that I had to use this. 


Thanks for your help!




Name of firm/service provider:  PEMBA


Type of Service (e.g., gas station, bank, restaurant):  Lighting/Home Automation


Date:  January 25, 2002               Time:  approximately 9:00 a.m.


How did the encounter take place?  (e.g., in person, over the phone, by mail)

The encounter took place in person.


What specific circumstances led up to this encounter?  (e.g., purpose, location, expectations, etc.)  When we built our house, we included an automated lighting system.  It is a system that is not commonly found in this area.  On January 24, we experienced an electrical surge that knocked out our power until about 9:00 p.m. that evening.  Knowing that surges can damage electrical components, we set about trying to determine if anything had been damaged after our power was restored.  Our air conditioners, some stereo components, telephones, security system, and lighting system seemed to have sustained some damage.  Early the next morning, January 25, we began making calls to the various providers of the equipment.  PEMBA technicians were the first ones to arrive at our home to assess the situation. 


Exactly what did the firm/employee say or do?  Why? (Include physical surrounding if appropriate).  The technicians assessed the situation and  ran diagnostics on the system.  It was determined that two of the modules were not functioning properly.  Upon further inspection, it appeared that the modules blew fuses. The techs changed the fuses, reset the modules, and again tested the system.  Everything worked fine.  They charged us their minimum service fee.  They even helped us to restore our telephone service until the security system personnel could get out to assess the damage to that system. 



How would you rate your level of satisfaction with this encounter?  (Circle the appropriate number.)        5


      Very Dissatisfied                                                                    Very Satisfied

                  1                      2                      3                      4                      5



What exactly made you feel that way?   The techs are actually the owners of the company; they are involved in the entire process, from lighting design during the planning stage and providing the light fixtures for construction through the installation of the lighting system.  The lighting system is a low voltage system that ties into the house’s high voltage electrical system which is the responsibility of the electrician.  The PEMBA team provided reliable and responsive service.  They were empathetic with our situation and gave us assurance that they were competent providers of the service.  They were very courteous and professional. One of the owners is an electrical engineer and the other has a background in IT as well as lighting design.  The system works through the manufacturer’s proprietary software, so IT experience is quite useful.  Their business strategy is to differentiate themselves based on providing a high level of customer service resulting in a high level of customer satisfaction.  Their product is generally used in upscale homes and is expensive and technical in nature.  The service encounter occurred at our home, and the tangible evidence included the restoration of the lighting system and the blown module fuses.


What could the employee/firm have done to increase your level of satisfaction?  What improvements need to be made to this service system?   I can think of nothing that the provider could have done to increase my level of satisfaction.  They successfully hit upon every service dimension.  Some people may think that the lighting system is overpriced, but it is quite valuable to us.  We are able to set the lighting to provide the exact atmosphere that we desire, and the scenes that we have defined in the system provide the appropriate level of lighting for the activities that occur regularly in our home.  Our family members cannot even imagine going back to the traditional method of lighting our home.  In addition, the level of service after the sale that we received was excellent.   I would definitely utilize the service again if I were to build another home.


How likely is it that you will go back to this service provider?     5


Extremely Unlikely                                                                 Extremely Likely

                        1                      2                      3                      4                      5

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